People, the strength of the Fado & Food Group, many of them invisible to customers, make it possible to open daily the four houses of Fado that shape it. The Fado People & Food Group employ all the passion in their individual contribution. We respect and take inspiration from Tradition, but we also innovate from it. Tradition cannot stop, there is a high responsibility for perpetuating Fado as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO, 2011), along with another cultural responsibility: Portuguese Gastronomy.


Armando Fernandes
He developed a career in the Banking sector (Banco Nacional Ultramarino – BNU). The entrepreneurial profile has shaped the entrepreneur who, over five decades, has gained extensive experience in the business world: Tourism (travel agencies, tour operators, tourist fleets – buses -) and Catering. In the business associative area, he held senior management positions, such as APAVT, AHRESP, ATLX, ERTL and ERTLVT. In Fado, since 1979, with Timpanas, Café Luso, 1997, Adega Machado, 2010, and Clube de Fado, 2019.

João Ribeiro Fevereiro
He has extensive experience in the hospitality sector, having completed this career as Commercial Director of Cadeia Heritage / Hotel Lisboa Plaza. With his entry into the company Dodelcarjó, Lda., Develops this activity reconciling it with the practical knowledge of the tourism market. In Fado, since 1979, with Timpanas, Café Luso, 1997, Adega Machado, 2010, and Clube de Fado, 2019.

João Pedro Ferreira-Borges
After a first professional experience at Entreposto Lisboa (automotive sector), he became involved in the business activity of his father, Fernando F. Borges until he assumed executive duties at José de Oliveira Lda. In 1997, he joined forces with the current managing partners. . In Fado, since 1983, with Café Luso, Timpanas, 1997, Adega Machado, 2010, and Clube de Fado, 2019.

Fado & Food Group’s activities are deeply rooted in Portuguese Culture.

Preparing and presenting them daily involves a somewhat complex structure, a considerable level of organization, coordination and strategy, respecting the long existence of each establishment, the People who make them work.

It is not just about affirming the classic value of these Fado Houses, but affirming and projecting in the future their Value, their Credibility, in a sustainable way.

This is called social responsibility and corporate awareness.

We have a commitment to ourselves, to the Portuguese and to those who visit Lisbon, seeking to know what feeds us and comforts the Soul and the Body.

The history (s) of these Fado Houses are our differentiating factor, strengthens and motivates the relationships between the many People who strive here and the many People who visit us.

Together with the People, distinguishes us the capital of existence of these historic establishments.


Nuno Fernandes

Sérgio Ramos

Dept.º Administrativo/Encomendas
Ana Pires

Comercial Dept.º
Raquel Mangas
Olinda Loureiro

Clube de Fado / Café Luso
Gerente de Restaurante
Miguel Fernandes (Clube de Fado)
Directora de Restaurante
Maria Vieira (Café Luso)

Chefias de Sala
Paulo Silva (Café Luso)
José Alberto Eusébio Bernardo (Clube de Fado)

Chefias de Cozinha
Guilhermina Rosário (Chef Café Luso)
João Almeida (Chef Café Luso)
Fernando Sousa (Chef Clube de Fado)

Direcções Artísticas
Isabel Noronha (Adega Machado)
Elsa Laboreiro (Café Luso)
Vanda Salgueiro (Clube de Fado)

Sala Café Luso
Paulo Silva
Paulo Antão
João Pires
Paulo Rodrigues
Domingos Brito
Henrique Ribeiro
Ricardo Correia
Luis Martins

Sala Clube de Fado
José Alberto Bernardo
Ricardo Graça
Luís Lopes
Victor Figueiredo
Nuno Lé
João Bernardo
Raúl Souza
David Carvalho
Rui Jorge Aires

Cozinha Café Luso
João Almeida
Guilhermina Rosário
Rodrigo Bof
Gilson Melo
Farid Patwary
Ilidio Bernardo
Rabin Lama
Saad Ali
Dev Magar
Rosa Reboredo
Madhab Gosh
Pushkal Oli

Cozinha Clube de Fado
Fernando Sousa
Luís Figueiredo
José Gomes
Paulo Costa
João Pereira
Soraia Noronha
Armando Vital
Carlos Vinagre
Rahman Mizanur
Prashant Phuyal
Yam Magar

Elencos Artísticos (residentes)
Café Luso
Elenco Residente:
(vozes) Elsa Laboreiro, Yola Dinis, Catarina Rosa, Bárbara Santos, Ana Marta, Isabel Noronha, Cristiano de Sousa e Pedro Moutinho
(instrumentos) Sérgio Costa (Guitarra Portuguesa), António Neto (viola), Nelson Aleixo (Viola) e Jorge Carreiro (contrabaixo)

Clube de Fado
Elenco Residente
(vozes) Lina, Silvana Peres, Ana Maria Alves, Sofia Ramos, Maria Ana, Carlos Leitão, Zé Maria, Cristina Madeira
(instrumentos) Ângelo Freire (Guitarra Portuguesa), Flávio Cardoso (Viola) e Paulo Paz (Contrabaixo)

Alcino Cardoso
Edmilson Santos

Equipas de Limpeza
Teresa Gonçalves (Adega Machado)
Fátima Conceição (Café Luso)
Ila Parsotamo (Café Luso)
Maria Fernanda Passos Castro Gomes (Clube de Fado)