Two facts contributed to the decision to establish the Fado & Food Group in 2012: UNESCO’s recognition of Fado in 2011 as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and the same year, the integration of a third establishment, Adega Machado.

In 2019 acquired more dimension with the integration of the highly regarded Club of Fado.

The four establishments that make up the Fado & Food Group, Adega Machado, Café Luso, Fado Club and Timpanas, are based on a strategy of responsibility and sustainability that seeks to elevate and perpetuate two components of cultural offer: Fado and Portuguese Gastronomy.

As venues exclusively dedicated to the programming of the national song, the houses of fado are officially recognized agents in the specific professionalization of the artistic and catering sectors.

Strictly speaking, the Fado & Food Group’s chronology comprises decades preceding activity by three entrepreneurs who formed a company in 1998.

They combined common and diverse business experiences, gathered wills, aligned strategies.

The birth and growth of Fado & Food Group, as a result of planned, differentiated and integrated management, offers further guarantees of sustainability from each of these historic fado houses originally located in Lisbon.

Fado & Food Group, Preserve and Innovate

As Fado & Food Group, being the first business organization with a relevant dimension in this specific field of activity, it is committed to respecting the identity (architectural, estate and environment) of each of its establishments, ensuring its continuity and projection. that all this heritage is affectionately owned by the Portuguese.

In cultural terms, Fado & Food Group is a leader and ambassador with weight and significance in representing the city of Lisbon. Its mission is to preserve, innovate and disseminate the existing cultural legacy transmitted in the historical houses of Fado. The constitution of Fado & Food Group reinforced the professional commitment to raising the quality of what we serve: Fado and Food.

The Customer is the primary recipient of our services that only adhere to quality standards and solutions that address and respond to Customers’ own needs and preferences. At Fado & Food Group units, we provide the individual Client or the organized Groups (travel agencies, companies, etc.) with a quality, attentive and careful service.

In its mission, Fado & Food Group has the official and diverse support of the Fado Museum, which organizes in its Documentation Center many precious records regarding the existence of these Fado houses, including images, book editions, publications, posters. , discography, etc .; all that encompasses the intangible universe of Fado, in which the central role of the historical Fado houses belonging to the Fado & Food Group is recognized as central, energizing and indispensable agents for their evolution.